Jio Fiber Broadband: Registration For Jio Fiber Preview Offer

Nowadays, Jio Fiber becomes a very important need for your home. Fiber is the future technology which is already started to use in very specific areas. And Jio provides you better internet experience to discover your digital world. It also offers the amazing experience to surfing as well as exploring the whole internet world.

Jio Fiber beats all of its competitive sources because it provides the ultra fast upload & download speed & also effective functioning simply in just few mili seconds. If you buy this service then imagine a very high speed as well as private internet way just inside your home. You can check out Jio DTH Booking , Jio GigaFIber Price ,Jio GigaFiber DealershipJio GigaFiber Plans


What Is Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Technology In Jio fiber?

According to the FTTH technology JioFiber connectivity directly comes to your home; unlikely in most cases the fiber did not reaches to the user’s home, it only reaches upto the building and the last few meters of end connectivity are connected through the traditional local cable that reduces the speed of internet due to the patches of inferior cable qualities.

But, now Jio Fiber gives a totally different experience when it directly comes to your home and provides an excellent speed of intenet.


How Jio fiber Better Than My Current Broadband Operator?

Here are the list of advantages which is provided by Fiber optics over the local cables:

1) JioFiber provides the fastest Internet connection.

2) There is no need to change post installations in Fiber networks because companies upgrade them with the latest technology which creates the electronic light pulses.

3) JioFiber enables the UHD with its ultra-fast download & upload speeds that also provides a seamlessly experience of video conferencing, variety of camera application usage.

What Is The Current Plan Of Jio fiber?

According to the current offer of Jio Fiber preview offer, it gives you a high-speed internet up to 100Mbps for 90 days along with a monthly package of 100 GB with a complementary access of Jio’s premium apps. Even if you use your 100 GB data pack within a month then you can continue Jio’s high – speed services and enjoy internet services through performing a complementary data pack of 40 GB.

You can recharge it via MyJio App or from As we told you that this is a preview offer, there are no installation fees but there is a security deposit of Rs. 4500 for the ONT device and the deposit fees is totally refundable. This amount needs to be paid through Debit card, Credit card, Jio Money or PayTM.

Some Question About Jio FIber

Is It True Jio Giagfiber Have Both Prepaid And Post-Paid Option?

At present, JioFiber only provides the Prepaid services. But Jio also plan to launch the Post-paid services in some time.

How Much & Why Do I Have To Pay A Security Deposit For Ji Gigaofiber Services?

The security deposit of Rs 4500 which is taken for the ONT device also known as GigaHub Home Gateway that is provided by Jio.

And if you choose to discontinue to using the JioFiber services then the deposit will be refunded if you provided the installed devices are returned in good as well as working condition.

The deposit will be refunded if you choose to discontinue using the JioFiber services, provided the installed devices are returned in good and working condition.

Jio GigaFiber Broadband In India:

As per the latest tweets by Jio Care, grievances of Jio’s customer & request centre, the company said that the Preview Offer of Jio Fiber has currently being launched in selected areas of India, Like – Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat and Vadodara. The company also added that the network of Jio in the process of being rolled out to another cities of India.


How Is Jio Fiber Unique From Another Broadband Sector?

  • Enjoy high speed internet
  • Stream 4K content
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Manage your account
  • Experience hassle-free installation

Jio Fiber Launch Date –

Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Jio introduces the JioFiber broadband service whuich is known as a low cost fiber optic broadband service. Previously it was announced to initiate by the end of 2017 but due to some reasons it was delayed. Officially this service will be launched in March 2018.

But the Jio GigaFiber launch date is still pending but whenever we get any information regarding the launch date of this services we will surely update you.


How To Book Jio Fiber Broadband:

Nowadays, Reliance Jio going to launch FTTH [Fiber To Home] service. And initially, this service will cover under the 30 cities that will be expanded later to many other cities. You have to visit official site for gathering more information about the JioFiber Preview Offer.

How To Enroll For Jio Fiber Registration?

You have to register yourself at the Jio’s official site. Then you have to perform the Jio Fiber Registration. But the Jio GigaFiber service is not available in all places of the country at the same moment. Initially, the services have inaugurated in Mumbai and next it will start in Pune and many other cities included Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jamnagar and Vadodara. Initially, Reliance provides services only in major cities of India. But now, the services will be offered in the top 100 cities of India.


Jio GigaFiber First Review by India User

If you want to book Online JioFiber Broadband, then you have to visit the official site of and just fill the form with your correct details about your Registration of online JioFiber broadband and you will get FREE Broadband services for 90 days as it’s Preview or Welcome offer. Whoaaa! It’s gonna be interesting.

 Jio Fiber Registration Offers:

When you open the Jio’s official site then you can see the details of the newest Welcome offer of JioFiber plans.

According to the plan, it consists the ultra speed internet service at home. The maximum speed up to 1 GBPS and the limit is 100 GB for one month and the post speed switch to 1 MBPS. Initally, you need to pay a small security plan of Rs. 4500 which is deposit money taken by the company that will be refunded to you at the disconnection time.

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans & Offers:

Here we are going to tell you about the glimpse of JioFiber plans that make you aware about all of the services of the Jio Fiber. There are available two kinds of plans one is available on totally affordable price, I.e; just started from Rs. 500. And the second one is bit expensive but it provides you the unlimited speed per day.

Special Offer Data Limit Speed Limit Validity
Rs. 500 600 GB 15 Mbps 30 days
Rs. 1000 500 GB 25 Mbps 30 days
Rs. 500 3.5 GB/day Unlimited 30 days
Rs. 800 Unlimited Unlimited 30 days


There is given an another price table of Jio Fiber Plans for unlimited speed which is starting for just Rs. 1000 with one month validity.

Per day data usage Speed Plan Price Validity
5 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 1000 30 days
10 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 2000 30 days
20 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 3000 30 days
40 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 4000 30 days
60 GB/day Unlimited Rs. 5000 30 days


Jio service has expanded countrywide and they are making telecom sector under their control. Now other telecom companies like – Airtel are hardly making progress in this cut throat competition. Even though Airtel also launching cheap 4G smartphones in just Rs. 2899 which only cost you just Rs. 1399 after the usage of 3 years. Let see, what will be happen in forthcoming next few years. Till now, we hope Jio will soon announce the JioFiber launch date. 

Hope this article will be useful for you and provides you each and every bit of information that you want to needs to know. Please share your views with us regarding the JioFiber broadband connection and feel free to ask any query regarding the Jio Fiber.





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